Missionary Aviation Services

Focus On the Mission

The purpose of this department is to educate, recruit, train, and seek evangelistic opportunities in the area of missionary aviation.

Missionary aviation pilots and mechanics provide vital transportation, communication, and emergency services to mission organizations and remote fields around the world. Many missionaries rely on aviation services to accomplish their ministry in the areas of:

  • Evangelism, church planting, support, and Bible translation.
  • Medical emergencies, medicines, and personnel.
  • Relief supplies and emergency personnel to disaster areas.
  • Transportation to remote fields.
  • Support of missionaries on the field.
  • Plus many other important activities.

Focus On the Ministry

  • Education - Presenting the ministry of missionary aviation and challenging people to become involved by praying, giving, and serving.
  • Recruitment - Directing those interested to qualified schools which train pilots and mechanics, and to missions needing pilots.
  • Training - Providing flight training for those desiring to be missionary pilots.
  • Evangelism - Using the appeal and uniqueness of Missionary Aviation to open doors for sharing the Gospel.

Focus On the Minister

Rev. Dale Byrom has been in the ministry since 1979. He served as a missionary pastor for 15 years. His desire to promote the cause of missionary aviation comes from an experienced and varied background. Dale has been involved as a SCUBA Diving Instructor and has experience in underwater search and recovery. He was a fire captain and a Fire Service Instructor. He has a Commercial Pilot's Certificate with over 6,000 hours of flight time, and is a Certified Flight Instructor.

For additional information contact:

Rev. Dale P. Byrom
Ministry Associate
815 Padre Lane
Greenwood, IN 46143-2563
(317) 881-5510

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